02-02-2014: Activating a New Time/Space Harmonic in a Song of Fire and Ice

Posted by Celia Fenn on 4 February 2014

When we look back on this year, I think we will recognize that something incredible just happened in the last few days. It has been a shift of a great magnitude that has opened up our Time/Space perceptions and introduced a new Harmonic to our Field of Perception.   

If that sounds strange…it’s because it probably is. Many of us have experienced the pure “weirdness” of the last few days, as our old perceptions about life and about Time and Space are being shifted and opened out in amazing ways.

This is happening in what I like to call a “Song of Fire and Ice”, borrowing from the popular Fantasy series of that name. The Fire is the Solar Maximum of Solar Flares that we are now experiencing. The Earth is being bombarded by wave after wave of Solar Light, as well as some Very High Frequency Galactic Super Nova shock waves. These waves of Light are bringing in waves of information, Light Codes for the New Reality, from the Sun and from the Galaxy and from the Cosmic Heart itself.

These waves of Light are a celebration of Rebirth, Renewal and Transformation. With each wave of Light we are given more DNA instructions as to how we can grow and evolve in alignment with the growth and evolution of the Cosmos. The information in our “local” Space/Time neighbourhood is received via the Solar Council and the Galactic Council, and then shared with the Earth and integrated by the Earth Councils, the Earth Keepers, the Elders and the Children.

The result of these current waves has been to break through the “old” structures of Perception and introduce a new perception of the Harmonic Flow of Time and Space. As a result, many people are having weird experiences with time, with space, and with their perception of themselves and their relationships.

For some, things that were important will suddenly cease to be so. Relationships that seemed important will suddenly stop and break. Ideas that seemed important will be discarded. Not only because you are changing, but because you are shifting frequencies. You are not in the same place you were in before. You may not even be in the same timeline or life story that you were before!

At this moment, Humanity is breaking away from the old Newtonian/Darwinian perception of Reality, through the Einstein/Freud perception of Human Reality of the last century to the 21st century perception of Quantum Reality as a Flow of Time and Space that is Fluid and Flexible and that can be changed and recalibrated. When enough beings accept this reality it becomes the new “normal”. And so it is….the old “normal” is breaking down and being replaced with Quantum Flow and Harmonic Wave experience……

Well, what does that mean. It means that nothing is fixed and solid, not even time and space, not even past and future, not even the here and now. It is all a co-creation of light and energy. When you are “in the game” as it were, you can cease to live your life as a simple “walk” down a fixed timeline accompanied by karma and fate, and shift to the concept of multiple timelines and Choice. At any given time you can make a choice that will put you on a new timeline and create a new future or destiny. That is the adventure of Life on Earth.

The ability to focus energy through Intention and Dreaming, and then to direct that energy manifestation down a timeline through Choice is the skill of the 21st Century Quantum Reality. And indeed, it is a skill, but one that can be easily gained. It is simply understanding that you are not “trapped” in any reality, and that Choice will enable you to phase shift Reality and create a new timeline with new experiences.

Firestorms and the basic principles of Galactic Wave Surfing

This incredible wave of dynamic Light that swept through the Galaxy and has ignited our sun has certainly created great turbulence on the Earth. In weather terms, much of the Northern Hemisphere has been under snow and ice. While this is difficult for people, it is also really good for the Light Waves, as the cooler temperature cools the Earth so that it is not overheated from the Light Waves and the big cities, already Planetary “hot spots”, are not “cooked”. The crystalline structure of snow is also good for the reception of Light Codes into the Earth.

So, it might help you to deal with the snow and the cold, knowing that this is helping the Earth to ground these powerful waves of Light and Spiritual Fire.

You may also have noticed a few other things…how many people have been ill, become psychotic, or left the planet, recently. These powerful waves of light accelerate choice and find vulnerability if you are not grounded. They also accelerate cleansing and activate healing crises, what we call “illness”, and they give people an opportunity to choose to leave if they need to or if they are needed elsewhere.

The Waves of Light also activate deep Soul Purpose Codes, and you will find that after this wave has been through, you will begin to have new feelings about your Soul Purpose in the New Reality that is called New Earth.

You may also, as mentioned before, find yourself in a new “space” and a new timeline, with new people and opportunities showing up as you move forward. This may be unsettling because you will suddenly have to “let go” of things that were important. It can be disturbing and can create deep and intense anxiety, lack of sleep and paranoia if you are not grounded.

The key to “surfing the waves” of Cosmic Light is to be grounded, let those waved move through you, and do not be surprised where you end up. There is never only one destination – there are many possibilities. In your life you may have been taught to have a “goal” and a “dream”. Yes. But be aware that there can be many ways of getting to that goal and many possibilities to manifest that dream. Do not limit yourself, be open to the Flow of Energy and the waves of Light that you are directing and that will take you where you need to be if you allow the flow and allow the possibilities and the synchronicities.

This means, in reality, living your life in a grounded and organized way, being clear and present and focussed in the NOW, but still open to manifestation of Miracles and other Realities. Other Solutions. Other People and Places.

Be calm and confident, knowing that you are in exactly the right place at the right time. And that you are co-creating this Journey with many others both on this World and Beyond.


The current Light Wave climaxed on the 2nd of February, and you may have noticed how the internet was abuzz with fear of catastrophe and disaster at that time. Many were fearing a repeat of 9/11.

Well, that event at 9/11 certainly shifted the Earth onto a new path, but it was accompanied by trauma and manipulation.

This time, the trauma and darkness was averted by the Family of Light, the many Lightworkers who simply held the Light and agreed to be the conduit for the releasing energies in this wave.

The after effect will be much like 9/11….people will feel anxiety and stress and dislocation, but they will not know why. There is no visible focal point for the emotions and thoughts, and so nothing that can be manipulated!

This means that many people will however, not understand why they are feeling so angry, lost, disconneted and anxious. This is where you will be asked to act as Human Angels, assisting them to understand how the changes are affecting them and helping them to cross over into the New Reality. You will be assisting in the Great Awakening that will take place in the wake of this powerful Flood of Light.

People will begin to question their sense of Reality and will needed to be guided into this new perception. And it is happening at great speed. Where our evolution used to take hundreds of years, now we have achieved a huge leap in just 13 years, and this will be accelerated in the future. It is likely that we can achieve another acceleration within five or six years if we are able to work with this energy and guide the manifestation.

This is what we are here for. Our Soul Purpose, as it is being renewed, will take us into the birthing and manifestation of this New Reality of Multi-dimensional and Fluid Time/Space Reality, side by side with the Creation of the New Reality. For the New Reality is not just in one place, it is multi-layered and exists on many planes of being. As we evolve our perception and accept this New Reality, we will begin to see how these levels of reality work together in the process of Co-Creation and manifestation.