Awakening to the Magic of Creative Manifestation : The Taurus/Pleiades Gate

Posted by Celia Fenn on 11 April 2021

Beloved Ones, there have been huge changes in your world and on your planet since January 2021.  After a year of the Covid “lockdowns”,  the pressure is still on in the process of Transformation .  We know that many of you feel exhausted and just want to move into an easier time.  That time will come, but first there is more transformation and change.

You came to the Earth to be a part of this change.  Simply to hold the Light and to be aware and awake and filled with love.  There is no pressure on anyone at this time to do great deeds!  Rather it is your work to connect with your Soul and your Divine Essence and not to be caught up in conflict and aggression.

We tell you Beloveds, there is an easier way to initiate change than through protest and action in the “outer world”, that requires you to drain your energy reserves.  It is to connect with the Magical Creativity of the Inner World and manifest your Dreams and Desires.

You are powerful Creative Beings, and you can manifest your Dreams and Visions into Reality.  But, first you must make choices and decide what it is that you desire to create?

Are you so comfortable that you have no dreams?

Are you “stuck” in the present reality and unable to imagine another?

Are you caught in conflicts and narratives and opposing views?

Or are you just simply too tired with coping with present reality that you have no energy to give to creating something else?

We can understand how within this chaos and uncertainty, the struggle to survive can be overwhelming and you may be dealing with loss and stress on many levels of your life, as well as collective energies that may impinge on your night time rest and dreams.

But we say to you, dearest ones, that your ability to dream and create and manifest through Dream Magic and Visualisation is the most powerful tool that you have at this time.

If you can dream another Reality and another Future on a higher frequency timeline, then you can create it!

You are Creator and Co-Creator Beings.  You were designed “in the image of God” and with the ability to create and co-create.  One of the purposes of this human created chaos is to get you tied up in fear and anger and anxiety so that you will forget that you are powerful creators and that you are not enslaved to an economic or political system.

You are Free and Sovereign Beings who have the right to choose and create, and not simply to react to the creations of others.

You can visualise and create “Dream-Spells” which are powerful holographic templates for a New Earth society.  As more and more of you create these dreams they begin to coalesce in the Energy Fields and so begin to manifest.

You can use words and create “Word Spells” through mantras, affirmations and decrees that imprint sonic patterns in the energy fields that have the same effect and begin to align energy into creation.

You can sing, dance, paint and create Light Language…all these are magical pursuits that have great power, and in the past were revered as Temple Arts by your ancestors.

And those of you who wish to work with Nature and with the Faerie and Elemental Beings, your time is now!

The Sun is moving towards the 5/5 Taurus Gate, when the part of the Heavens that is illuminated includes Sirius and Orion, but especially the Pleiades.  The Pleiades has a long history of working with the Nature programs of Planet Earth, and they worked with the Elohim Angels to seed many of the Plant and Animal species on Earth.

The Pleaidian Council and your Pleidian Family are happy to work with you in your program of Magical Creative Manifestation.

As you transit the 5/5 Portal or Stargate, they will be available to work with you in your dreams and meditations to create the New Earth where Heaven on Earth will be a Reality of Joy and Beauty for you.

In this process you can free yourself of the density of the current Collective Consciousness and rise into the Higher Frequencies of the New Earth.

Some of you have chosen to be in both places to create a bridge for those souls who wish to cross from the 3rd dimensional reality into the Magical New Earth, and we wish you to know that you are loved and supported.  We ask also that you take good care of your Physical Being, as these swings between dimensions can be hard on the nervous system. Remember to rest and to hydrate frequently!

Beloveds…we see you dancing in the Light and Creating Miracles!

You know you have the power!

Do not give up, but intensify your Dreams and your Magical Creation of the New Earth!


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