Comet Lovejoy and the Sirius/Pleiades Perturbation

Posted by Celia Fenn on 19 January 2015

This is the second in our series of Starseed Transmissions for 2015.  At the moment we are feeling very strongly the influence of Comet Lovejoy passing through our part of the Galaxy, in the region of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades.  This part of the Galaxy has a strong connection with the Earth, with many Star Seeds coming from Sirius and the Pleiades, as well as many Cosmic Teachers who connect with the Earth to share information about the evolution of the Earth in relation to the Solar System and the Galaxy.

Obviously, the name of the Comet is interesting, for the combination of “love” and “joy” suggests that this particular comet has a specific role in its passage through our part of the cosmos.  In our metaphysical understanding of the nature of celestial “events”, comets always represent an opportunity for significant change on the Earth and the arrival of new energies.

But, as I was tuning into the Starseed Transmission channel to see what I could learn about that event, I heard very clearly the word “perturbation”. Several times.  I had no idea what it meant so I looked it up.  It has several levels of meaning.  One is part of a set of mathematical theories in Quantum Physics that was just too mathematical for me, but clearly it had something to do with shifts and changes within a system.

I found some more down to earth definitions that helped to clarify the meaning for me.

The first definition was “anxiety and mental uneasiness”.  The second definition was “a deviation of a system, moving object, or process from its regular or normal state or path, caused by an outside influence.”

It was interesting to me the correlation between mental states of anxiety, and the results of an outside influence creating imbalance and change in a system.

Here is another definition: “Variation in a designated orbit, as of a planet, that results from the influence of one or more external bodies”.  So a Comet could be an external body that causes temporary “perturbation” and effects or influences the orbit of a planet, like the Earth.

Yes, that makes sense!

The ancients knew well that the passage of a comet had big effects on the Earth, and the closer and more visible the Comet, the greater the changes that would come in its wake.

The Sirius, Pleaides and Orion Connection

The Comet is now moving through a part of our galaxy that puts it close to Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades, on its journey.  It is acting as a temporary external object that creates a disturbance in the energy field.  This disturbance has the ability to influence the gravitation and orbit of celestial bodies, as well as Timelines.

Yes, Timelines are anchored in electro-magnetic energies as well, and disturbances in the field can also create disturbances and shifts in Timelines.

In this case, the disturbances in the field create a potential for a new relationship and a new timeline with Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades that reflects Earth’s new status in the Galaxy as an ascending Multi-Dimensional Planet.

This means, as I am told in the transmissions, that the Earth will assume an honorary status on the Solar Council, and these other member bodies will be working in harmony and co-operation with the Earth Councils.  It is no longer a matter of our Star Nation friends acting as evolutionary mentors and guides, but rather of them working with us as equals as we tell them what we need and how we would like their assistance in our work.

Sirius has functioned for thousands of years as a mentor and teacher energy, and people still journey to Egypt to connect with the “Sirian Star Gate” at Giza.  The Pleiadeans have also invested much energy in the Terra/Earthprogram, and beings from Orion have had constant interest in matters of Earth evolution. But now it is time for a partnership rather than a mentorship relationship.

The New Earth is ready to stand up and be a responsible Planetary civilization.  It may not feel like it as we go through the last stages of the disintegration of the “old” 3rd dimensional  system,  but there is a new way of life emerging that will be supported by our Star Nation friends as well as the Starseeds and Star Children on the Earth.

But this means that we have to stand up and be responsible for our Earth and for what we create on the Earth. Or at least, those of us who feel that we are here to assist with the Ascension of the Planet and her emergence as a Multi-dimensional Body in the Solar system. There are waves of incoming Diamond Light Souls who are incarnating as Diamond Crystal children who will assist with anchoring this new energy and helping us to step up to our new responsibilities.

The Physical Effects

So, right now, many of us are feeling the physical effects of this passage of Comet Lovejoy.

Initially, there has been an increase in anxiety levels with many people, as the ripples of energy on the Timelines creates a gravitational disturbance in their energy field.

Many people have reported issues with the digestive system, and pain and unease in the area of the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras.

This is because very old issues of mental and spiritual dependence on outside guides and teachers are coming to an end.  We are exiting the “comfort zones” of spiritual “childhood and dependence” and emerging as “adults” who have our own relationships with the Galaxy and the Cosmos.

As we integrate this new energy, we are also releasing years and lifetimes of “religious” and “spiritual” abuse and domination that has been a negative side effect of some of our contacts with some of the Star Nations and with the darker and more unstable Star Gates in the Middle East.  This release of old mental pain and anxiety is being felt in the physical body as pain, anxiety and discomfort.  But it is coming up in order to be released and to allow for the activation of the Original Divine Template in the DNA, for Spiritual maturity, and for evolution according to the Human Divine Template.

We are releasing the fear of domination and control, the fear of abuse and the fear of lack and suffering. All of which were “seeded” on the Earth through our interactions with Star Nations prior to the fall of Atlantis.  It is now time to finally release that fear and anxiety and enter into the Garden of Love and Joy.  For that is the purpose of Comet Lovejoy, to assist us to remember the Garden and to once again make our Planetary Home into a Garden of Love and Joy!

Return to the Garden

If you would like to work with Comet Lovejoy and the incoming energies, you can follow this simple meditation.  It will also help you to release any discomfort that you might be holding in the Solar Plexus and Heart areas of the body.

Begin by relaxing your body and breathing deeply.  Follow the in breath and the out breath until your body feels relaxed.

Focus into your Heart Center and allow yourself to connect with the Divine Flame within your heart.  Expand that Light into your Light Body and feel the expansion of Love, Light and Awareness.

Now focus for a minute on this image of the Comet.

After a while you will feel the energy activating the Heart Center and you will feel the rising of Love and Joy in your Being.

As you feel this rising energy, also allow yourself to release all old energies and patterns that relate to fear and abuse through religious control and old forms of abuse on the Earth.  Just feel these old patterns melting away into the Light.

Now…focus on the Garden that the Earth is meant to be.  Visualize the Earth becoming a Beautiful Garden once again, filled with Abundance and Love and Joy.

You may see the Waters of the Planet as fresh an clear an vibrant, dancing with elemental energy. You may see trees and forests, plants, herbs and flowers, animals, birds, insects and people, all living in harmony in the Garden of Earth, as it was originally meant to be.  Clear Skies, rainbows, rainstorms, and the bright stars overhead.  And the forests filled with unicorns, fairies, dragons and other magical beings!

And FEEL the LOVE and JOY!

If you would like you can also watch this video….the Return to Innocence by Enigma!

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