Earth Whispers in a Time of Change: The Diamond Earth Communities begin to form amid the chaos of the old

Posted by Celia Fenn on 31 August 2014

Beloved Family of Light, this is truly a time of great Change and Transformation. As we said to you in February of this year, the changes in your society in this year of 2014 will be immense. And we know that as you see these changes, the chaos and “noise” can, at times, be overwhelming. As the old way of being disintegrates, it is not a peaceful process, and so many of you may not be hearing the gentle whispers of the Earth as she call together those who will form the first Diamond Earth Communities.

Those who are able to hear and listen, will find themselves being drawn towards a dream of another Earth, a Diamond Earth of Clarity, Love and Compassion. A New Earth, where Nature and People are more important than money and power. It is a whisper that will enter your dreams and meditations, inviting you to be part of something new and beautiful. And if you hear that call from the Earth, and if you answer her in your heart, you will be guided to those places and people who will also be a part of the Diamond Earth Community.

Beloved Family of Light, you will feel the answer coming from deep in your soul, and you will say “yes” as you begin the return to the Crystal Garden of Beauty and Love. You may ask, “what is this Crystal Garden”, and we would say it is simply the energy or the frequency of Higher Consciousness where the Diamond Light shines through all living beings and creates an expression of Divine Joy on Earth. It is this that you remember from the beginning, from Mu and Lemuria, when the Divine Light was bright on the Earth. And so it will be again, as the Diamond Light is anchored in the hearts and souls of those who work for a Higher Form of Community on Earth.

So, Beloved Ones, we ask that in this time of chaos and noise as the old falls away, do not be distracted or discouraged, but simply listen with your heart and allow yourself to hear the whispers of the Earth as she calls to those who will work with her to create the Crystal Gardens of Love and Peace on the Earth.

Open to the Diamond Light and Higher Frequency

The Diamond Light is one of the Highest Frequencies available on the Earth today, together with the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness and the Platinum Ray. The Diamond Light carries the Galactic Frequencies and the Light Codes that the Earth needs to align with the Divine Purpose as expressed through Divine Creative Intelligence. In fact, we may say that the Diamond Light is the Divine Creative Intelligence in action, and that is why it is so beneficial for you to align yourselves with this incoming higher frequency light. It assists you in the creation and manifestation process, and so will help as you work to bein the creation of a new society according to the blueprint in the Diamond Light.

The Diamond Light is received by your through the Higher Chakras (the Galactic, Solar and Soul Star chakras) and the transmitted into the Crown Chakra. From there it is radiated into the Light Body and into the Pineal Gland. It has an intense effect on the Pineal Gland, and this stimulates the nervous system and the cellular system right down to the DNA. This enables your entire being to align with the incoming Diamond Energy.

It is then transmitted to the Heart Chakra, and then you are able to transmit this Light to others via the High Heart and Throat Chakra vortexes that have recently been reactivated and restructured. It is also directed downwards through the Base Chakra and into the Earth Star Chakra and then into the center of the Earth to connect you with the Earth Blueprint Hologram held in the Diamond Crystal at the center of the Earth.

This powerful energy can have effects on your physical being, and many of you have been aware of this energy flowing through your body in an intense form in the last few weeks. Beloved Ones, know that these transmissions of Diamond Light are assisting in raising your personal frequency and consciousness so that you can also assist in raising the frequency and consciousness of the Earth Collective and so begin creating the Diamond Earth Communities.

As you accept and integrate the Diamond Light, know that you are being assisted in this work by an incoming wave of beautiful and bright Diamond Souls, whom we will call the “Diamond Children”.

The Diamond Children and the Diamond Earth Communities

Diamond Children

The Diamond Children are those that come after the Crystal Children. They are Masters of Time and Space, and they come to Earth with a new perspective of life and creation. They are born with the Diamond Light and the Diamond Codes for creation fully activated in their Light Bodies.

They began coming to the Planet in early 2013, but there is a “wave” of them incarnating right now. Just as the Indigo and Crystal Children came in waves to express their particular energy and contribute to the process of transformation, so the Diamond Children are also now coming in a “first wave” to assist in the anchoring of the Diamond Earth Communities.

The Diamond children, as we have said Beloved Ones, are Masters of Time and Space. They know that Time and Space are illusions or creations, and they are not afraid to take their power and create the kind of Earth that they wish to see. They are like prisms, and they know how to focus the Diamond Light into pure creations of Light, and they are assisting us in this process.

Know too, Beloved Ones, that just as the Indigo and Crystal children assisted you to raise your frequencies in the 1970s and beyond, so the Diamond Light Children are assisting everyone to raise their frequency so that they too may become Masters of Time and Space and creators of a New Reality.

So, many of you who are birthing children at this time will be feeling the power of this incoming energy as this new generation of powerful beings “lands” on Earth and begins to activate its energies. You can expect major changes of perspective and understanding on the Earth soon. The power of this energy will provide the extra “push” for major changes on all levels of society. Those whe hear the whispers of the Earth calling to work for the Diamond Earth, will also feel the powerful “lift” of the Diamond Light children as they begin to make their presence felt on the Earth.

As you work with these children and as they grow, you will find them entirely clear and pure. They will not tolerate manipulation and lies, and they will see them for what they are. They will be direct and open and honest, and will expect others to be the same way. If others lie or manipulate, they will immediately be aware of this and will block these efforts simply by refusing to participate in anything that is not clear and of high frequency. And this is how you will become as well. You will feel in your heart and soul what is truth and what is not and you will refuse to be part of anything that does not help you to live your truth in a clear and open way.

The Diamond Earth Community

As the energy rises on the planet and as things become more and more chaotic, it is important that you focus into your Diamond Heart and connect with the Divine Flame that lives within. This will give you strength, courage and patience. You will know that All is in Divine Order and that there is a point where everyone will begin to see the emergence of a New Earth and a New Society.

We call this the “Diamond Earth Community”. As the Earth moves into the frequency of the Diamond Light, so the planet will begin to manifest a community of people who will express that Light in their lives. They will live their truth and walk in that truth, they will radiate Diamond Light from their hearts, and they will seek to live in harmony with the future that the Earth is manifesting. This will include living in harmony with the Earth and with each other, respecting nature, and seeking ways to be at Peace with all living beings as an extension of the Peace within their Hearts and Souls.

They will seek to live beyond the “economic grid” that determines life through money and power, but will find ways to harmonize their lives with the ancient paths of wisdom taught by the Earth Elders and Shamans, and will seek ways to make this meaningful and relevant to their lives on the Eart today. In this way, they will be acting as anchor points for Galactic Light and expressing that Light as Galactic Diamond Humans in physical form.

They will begin to form communities through resonance and attraction. The intensity of the Diamond Light will bring People of Passion and Commitment to a new path on Earth, and this passion will attract others of like Passion and Commitment. Slowly, you will begin to find and attract your Diamond Earth Family, those who are also working to manifest The Crystal Garden in their personal lives and on the Earth.

The Frequency Shifts in September

The first major shift will be felt on the 9/9, on the 9th of September. This is a key moment when those on the Earth can take a step forward to another level of Wisdom and Light. It will a point where you can integrate all the waves of Light Codes that have washed over the Planet in the months since the Planetary New Year in July. It may also be a “breaking point” for many, where relationships and partnerships that no longer reflect where you are in life may have to be released. On a Global scale, this will also be true, and you may expect severe Global tension in the week of the 9/9. We urge you, Beloved Ones, to remain in your core power and aligned in your Diamond Heart, and seek to anchor only Peace and Harmony within your Heart and on the Earth.

The September Equinox will fall on the 22nd/23rd of September. This will be the Spring Equinox in the South and the Fall Equinox in the North. The period between the 9/9 and the Equinox may also be difficult and chaotic, but it is necessary to hold that balance within your Diamond Heart. The Equinox will finally be a good moment to connect with the energy of Balance and Harmony, both within and in a Global sense. The New Moon in Libra falls on the 24th of September, so that will be a good time to plant the seeds of harmony and balance for the next cycle as you move towards the Eclipses of October which will anchor new energies that will culminate in the 11/11 in November and the Solstice in December.

We wish you adventures of Diamond Light in the month that lies ahead!

The Diamond Codes

If you would like to know more about the Diamond Light, the Diamond Codes and the Diamond Earth Community, we invite you to read “The Diamond Codes : Light Information for a New Reality. The information is given below.

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