Nature, Magic and Abundance : The Way of the New Earth

Posted by Celia Fenn on 2 June 2021

The Natural Magic of Nature and the Artificial Grid of Economics : Freedom versus Slavery

 Humanity and the Planet were designed by Prime Creator and the Elohim Angels to function within the Flow of Nature and natural “magic” and abundance. The Prime Life Force is designed to respond to consciousness and to create whatever is desired and needed.

This Life Force energy ensures that all on the Planet will Thrive and not just survive.

But the Natural Life force magical grid has been replaced by the creation of the fallen angels, and we call this grid “The Economy”. This grid is designed to enrich just a few who are in control, and the rest will struggle to survive. It is a survival grid, and it never produces universal abundance for all. In fact, it is a grid of economic imprisonment and slavery. No matter how much you work and produce, you are seemingly never free of its demands.

“The Economy” is an artificial construct that has no magic and no life. It is manipulated and controlled by a few to ensure that the majority never get ahead in life. It is part of the “Artificial Intelligence” agenda that seeks to detach Humanity from Nature and the Life Force and render them dependent on artificial sources created by the artificial economy.

This is in contrast to the Natural flow of Life and Energy embodied in Nature that is designed to support life and create Abundance so that life can be explored and enjoyed without survival fears.

When we are in touch with the Life Force and the flow of Liquid Light, we know we can create whatever we need in life, and that there is no need for stress. We learn to support others and share with others as a community.

When we are part of the artificial economic construct, we are taught that our survival is always in doubt and that we must enslave ourselves to employers and governments in order to have enough to survive. We are encouraged to seek wealth, often at the expense of others, and we feel little sense of community. Rather, it is all about what we can get for ourselves.

Here is a KEY TRUTH : We will probably never thrive until we re-engage with the flow of Nature and Natural Magic.

So you can see why it is so crucial that we save our Forests and our Natural heritage. This is not just pretty scenery or places for tourist holidays. These are the places that hold our natural magic. The more of them we lose, the mere we are dependent on the artificial “economy” to meet our needs.

This is also why we feel so much better when we get out into Nature. The Natural flows and magic can work with our physical form and heal and balance us into a more healthy state.

Finding our Connection with Magic : The Return to Abundance

In the present moment, we all have to live between these two aspects of life on Earth.

We live in a society that is dependent on the economy, so in order to have a home and food and clothes etc, we must participate in the economy. However, this does not mean that we are not able to work with the Magical Flows. In fact it is important that we do if we are to achieve Balance and Abundance.

As we consider this, we need to understand that Abundance is our natural state. That means having enough of what we need and some to share. It does not mean great opulence and a high consumer lifestyle. It does mean being closer to Nature and having respect and gratitude for what is given.

In order to free yourself from enslavement to the economy, you have to free yourself from the Core Belief that wealth and abundance come from the Economy matrix.

When you understand that Abundance is a Magical Concept and that you create Abundance through the process of consciousness imprinting on the Liquid Light flows,… order to manifest. The Flow of Liquid Light/Plasma is intelligent, multi- dimensional and multi-linear (It can create backwards and forwards in time). Whatever is needed and desired can be provided, and it has nothing to do with asking permission from an employer, bank or government. The actual object, as it manifests, is given through the creative process. If money is needed, it will be provided!

The Power of the Emerald Diamond Light in Magical Manifestation

The Emerald Diamond Light is the Liquid Light Code that motivates and achieves the Creative process.

When you connect with Nature and the Light Beings of Nature through the Emerald Diamond Light, you initiate the flow of Magical Power that will manifest into creating what is desired and needed.

Working with the Emerald Diamond Light to create Abundance ensures that what you create is in harmony with Life and other forms of consciousness. You will not be “taking” from others, but “creating” for the community.