Recording of the 10/10 Activation with the Crystal Skulls : Celia Fenn and Guest Anastasia Hayes Piper

Posted by Celia Fenn on 3 October 2015

You are invited to join us for a free Online Webinar Activation with the Crystal Skulls on the 10/10….the 10th of October 2015. The Activation will be guided by Celia Fenn of with her Crystal Skulls, and special guest Anastasia Hayes Piper of Anastasia is pictured above. She is a Crystal Skull Keeper and works with the Crystalline energies.  

Celia Fenn will be working from Cape Town, South Africa, and Anastasia from Los Angeles in the USA. We hope that you will be drawn to join us from all around the Planet at this special time.

If you are a Keeper of Crystal Skulls you are invited to join us!  Even if you are not, you can still benefit from the powerful transformative energy of the Activated Crystal Skull grid as we join together to create Harmony and Love for the Planet in a Global Grid.

The 10th of October is a powerful day, as it gives us the opportunity to fine tune and accelerate the energy of the Wave of Luminosity that has been assisting our ascension and transformation on the Earth.  After the September Equinox and the completion of the Blood Moons at the Lunar Eclipse, we are all feeling our way into our New Body and Light Body changes.  The Crystal Skulls will assist us in bringing harmony and balance into our Light Body field by creating a Planetary Grid of Harmonising Energy.

The activation session will be about an hour and it is free.  There are 100 seats in the Zoom webinar room, which can be accessed by computer, tablet or phone.  We are offering seats on a first come, first serve basis.

Time : 7PM South African Time on the 10th October (10AM PST and 1PM EST)

To reserve your seat and receive the Webinar Room Link please mail : [email protected] with your own email address.