Sacred Union and the Divine Heart : 11/11/8

Posted by Celia Fenn on 6 November 2015

Beloved Family of Light, the energies are accelerating as you move towards the 11/11 Star Gate on the 11th of November. This will be a powerful moment in your New Earth Transformation, a moment when the energies of Sacred Union and the Divine Heart come together to initiate and activate New Creation on your Earth. It will also be a moment when your Multi-Dimensional Body will be ready to activate the Template for your new 5D Body within your Cellular Blueprints.

Sacred Union : Heaven and Earth and the Divine Heart

At this time in your year, the Sun/Solaris and the Blue Star System Sirius, come together as “Two Suns” in your Galactic neighbourhood in the Golden Rose Galaxy (Milky Way). They enter into a Sacred Geomterical Alignment known as a “Vesica Pisces”. This is when two energy “spheres” come together and create a space for mutual “seeding” of new ideas and new energies and new forms.

In this case, the Vesica Pisces open a doorway to the Great Central Sun, flooding the two Star Systems with waves of Diamond Light and Creative Energy from the Divine Heart at the Great Central Sun. This wave of powerful energy then reverberates around the Galaxy as waves upon waves of Light Codes and Information is transmitted outwards.

For your Beloved Earth, as you have raised your frequency amd aligned with the Fifth Dimension and higher, you have become more capable of receiving these High Frequency waves of Light that emanate from the Divine Heart. You are able to feel more intensely the original Rays of Light that emanate from the One Heart at the center of All Things.

This process has been happening in tandem with the disintegration of the old third-dimensional global system and the rise of new forms of Community on the Earth. The Indigo Crystal Beings are now ready to stand up and make a difference as they express their Soul Missions on the Earth. You are seeing new governments, such as in Canada, that are being chosen to replace the old ways with new ideas and energies. Then also, you are seeing student movements in places like South Africa, where young people, the Crystal generation, are stepping forward to say “no” and “it is enough”. This whirlwind of change is aligning with all the work that has been done by the Light Workers and the Warriors of Light to anchor the New Earth Grids, and to welcome the new Planetary Energies that are creating a Planetary Community at a Higher Level of Consciousness.

Beloved Family of Light, while this may seem to be a chaotic time, please be aware also of deep changes that are happening on the Earth. The Planet is receiving her Light Codes and transformative information from the Divine Heart and this moment of Sacred Union is being received as Light Codes and stored in the Planetary Heart and in your own Divine Sacred Heart. In both cases, these Light Codes will assist and accelerate your Ascension and Transformation.

Sacred Union : Activating your New Earth Fifth-Dimensional Body Template

Beloved Ones, in this process of aligning Heavenly or Galactic energies to birth a New Earth, a similar process is also happening with your Multi-Dimensional Body System.

Your Divine Heart and your Earth Heart are aligning to create a Vesica Pisces or Star Gate at your own Sacred Heart Center. And, in this moment, the Light Codes are generating a New Template for your 5D Physical Body.

We would like to explain this to you. Imagine that your Multi-Dimensional Energy Body is made up of two energy spheres, or Energy Hearts, which we will call a Heavenly Sphere and an Earthly Sphere, or Heaven and Earth. At the center, where these two Spheres connect, is your own beautiful Sacred Heart.

Now, when these two spheres are strongly activated by Galactic Light Codes and Frequency transmissions, your Sacred Heart begins to issue forth new instructions for your life on Earth and for your physical body.

At this time, the Diamond Light Codes are issuing new instructions from the Divine Heart for the Activation of a new Fifth-Dimensional Physical Body Template. This physical body is “lighter” and less dense than the 3D Body, and so you may feel some symptoms of this activation and transformation.

Firstly, there may be symptoms of stress, especially in the Heart area. Your Heart Center is taking on immensely powerful energies, as it aligns with Divine Light, and you may find yourself experiencing palpitations or shortness of breath, or mild stress in the chest area. You may also experience insomnia and disturbed sleep, as well as unusual dreams, as your own deep inner processes align with those of the Planetary Consciousness in Transformation.

At the 11/11/8, this New Earth 5D Body Template will be fully activated in your cellular matrix. Beloved Ones, we feel it would be a good idea for you, at this time, to work with the aligning of the Three Sacred Hearts in your Multi-Dimensional System. This wIll facilitate the flow of energy between them, the Divine Heart or Cosmic Heart, your own Sacred Heart, and the Sacred Heart of the Earth. Simply visualize these three hearts in perfect alignment and the Diamond Light Energy flowing between them and into the Earth Heart, so that there is no disharmony or blockages to the flow. In this way, you will be fulfilling your purpose on the Earth, by simply allowing and accepting the flow of Divine Energy that is supporting and assisting your transformation.

Sacred Union : Earth, Sea and Sky

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Humpback whales celebrating the New Earth off the coast of South Africa at the beginning of November.

Beloved Ones, just as you are activating a new Fifth-Dimensional Body Template, so is the Earth. The Planet is using the powerful waves of Light Energy from the Divine Heart to realign and re-design the Planetary Body.

Now, this process has been ongoing for many years and many of you have participated and continue to participate in New Earth Planetary Grid Work togetehr with the Earth. This allows the Earth to work with you in designing, dreaming and manifesting the New Earth.

The Earth is also, however, working with the Elemental energies of Air, Water, Fire, Spirit and Matter, to faciltate the changes and the activation of a New Earth Planetary Body. So it is that Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Spirit are all working to reshape the Planetary reality. Many of the natural events that look like “disasters” or “storm events” are evidence of the Earth and the Elementals working together to reshape the 5D Earth so that you may create new societies and new communties in new ways as you rise to the challenges of a New Earth.

The old consumerist society is dying and people are losing interest in ownership and consumption. A new philosophy based on sustainable sharing of resources is birthing in Human Consciousness, and this will align with the work of the Elemental Energies and the Devas of Nature, to create a New Earth Planet.

It will be a slow process, but while you are in this process, be aware of the changes that are ocurring and the ways in which the Planet is shaping her future destiny and her body, even as you are shaping yours, to align with a Bright Future of Harmony and Peace in a less dense Reality filled with Diamond and Golden Light!


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