The Coming Age of Aquarius and the Rising Feminine Christ Consciousness

Posted by Celia Fenn on 10 January 2021

So, Beloved Ones, we have arrived in your year of 2021 of the Earth Story.  This is a momentous year for you as peoples of Earth, as you initiate the Golden Age of Aquarius and begin to feel the returning energies of the Feminine Christ/Sophia consciousness.

The year 2021 is a Bridge out of the old consciousness and into the new.  As you put your feet on the bridge to cross over you are still surrounded by the echoes and energies of the past year.  So you will still need to process and release the events and energies of 2020 to some extent.  January will be an especially eventful month, with a strong energy of disruption and chaos.  By mid-year, you will have reached the middle of the Bridge, and by then you will be ready to begin approaching the end of the bridge and entering the New Reality.  By the time of Lions Gate in August, you will begin to perceive the “shape” of your new lives in the New Earth in the Age of Aquarius.

So, you will find that in 2021 you will need to be patient and to trust your inner guidance.  You will feel in your Heart and Soul what is true for you.  You will not find your way in the stories and dramas of 2021…and there will be many to choose from!  Rather, Beloved Ones, the way forward will be found within your own Heart, in your own Inner Peace, Tranquility and Creativity.  Remember that your purpose on Earth is to create the New Earth and do not let yourself be distracted by other agendas.  Know who you are, and why you are here!

The Age of Aquarius : The New 2000 year cycle of the Grand Cycle of 26 000 Years

Beloveds, there is a  “Grand Cycle” of the Earth’s Journey through Time and Space that is called the “Precession of the Equinoxes” and it is an approximately 26,000 year cycle.  The Equinoxes are two “marker” days when the day and the night are of equal length on Earth.  Every year, at the Spring Equinox, the Sun rises into a specific constellation of the astrological zodiac, the name given to the band of constellations that describe the Earth’s cyclical and circular journey in Time/Space.  Currently, the Spring Equinox sun rises into Pisces, but you are now completing that cycle and moving into the Aquarius cycle.

Precession runs “backwards” around the zodiac, so that the cycle before the current Age of Pisces was the Age of Aries, and the one to follow will be the Age of Aquarius.

So, the Age of Pisces began  roughly 2000 years ago.  Its Avatars or Guiding Energies were Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene, who came to the Earth as Teachers of the Sacred Union of the Sacred Heart.  Their Mission was to prepare Humanity for the next cycle, the Age of Aquarius which was to be a Golden Age of Peace and Harmony that would embody the “Christ Consciousness” within the Greater Cycle.

The purpose of this “Grand Cycle” is to anchor the Light Codes of the Divine Creative Intelligence on the Earth, as within the Galaxy.  The Grand Cycle began when the Spring Equinox Sun was in Leo, which was called “Zep Tepi” or the “First Time” or the Beginning, by the Ancient Egyptians who learnt their Star Wisdom from the Sirian Star Teachers.  It is also the reason why the Sphinx at Giza gazes into what would have been the constellation of Leo at the “Zep Tepi”, when the Royal Lions initiated the cycle of Creation together with the Elohim.

So now, Beloved Masters,  You are half way across the Bridge of the Equinoxes too, your faces towards the new Age of Aquarius that is coming!

The Avatars of the Aquarian Age :  Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene

At the beginning of the Age of Pisces, the Elohim sent two Avatars or Ascended Masters to anchor the energies that would take Humanity from the violence of the Age of Aries into the more spiritual Age of Pisces. Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune, is energised by high spiritual ideals , and Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were to embody these ideals that would be needed for the Shift of the Ages when the Age of Pisces would become the Age of Aquarius.

Unfortunately, the shadow side of Neptunian energy is manipulation and lying, and so the true story of Yeshua and Mary was hidden and distorted in the manipulation of those, in several dimensions, who sought to control the Earth and its path.

Yeshua and Mary came to Earth as Divine Twin Avatars, to hold the Essence of the evolving Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, both within themselves and as a Divine partnership.  When Yeshua left the Earth, Mary went to France, and continued with her mission of grounding the “pure” Divine Energy and preparing for the Age of Aquarius that would come.  Humanity needed to be prepared.

Unfortunately, the energy of manipulation and control took over the first seeds planted in the Middle East, and the “Christian” church began to suppress and control people through fear.

The true line continued in Europe through the teachings of Mary Magdalene, the “Lady”, who established that the true “Christ Consciousness” was Love, Compassion, Kindness and Freedom, practised in loving and supportive communities of high frequency Master Beings, the “Pure Ones” or “Cathars”.

However, the followers of the Lady were wiped out by the Roman Church in the Albigensian Crusade of the 12th Century, and the true Avatar teachings were lost or suppressed.  But, Beloveds, not forever!  There was a beautiful prophecy given that at this time, right now,  the “Pure Ones” would return, to lead Earth into the Golden Age and to recover the teachings of the Feminine Christ Consciousness.

The Wisdom of the Feminine Christ/Sophia

So, you may ask, what is it that needs to return that was lost to us?

What is the Feminine Christ/Sophia

Beloveds, this is the deep and loving energy of non-judgment and compassion.  Both for others, and for yourself.  As Yeshua said to his followers, as he drew on his Feminine Christ wisdom : “You must love your neighbour as yourself.”  This means you must first love yourself and know how to love yourself, before you can love others.

But, as you look deeper, you find the teachings of the Lady, Mary Magdalene, written within your Sacred Heart. This is the place of Balance, Harmony, Beauty, Serenity and Peace.  It is the soaring heights of the Galactic Journey and the deep depths of the Inner Realms. Beloveds, as you align with her wisdom, you will both soar high and dive deep.

One of the titles given to the Divine Feminine Avatars is “Stella Maris” or “Star of the Sea” (Ste Marie).  The Stella Maris is the Bright Star that guides you on your journey through the Cosmic Ocean.  Follow the Inner Cosmic Light, the Inner Divine Feminine, to navigate your journey through Time and Space.  “She”, the Stella Maris, the Guiding Light, lives within each one of you and seeks to be awakened NOW!

Blessings and Love to All. 

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