The Dance of the Dragonfly: Perspectives from New Shamanism

Posted by Celia Fenn on 26 April 2015

The Dragonfly dances from place to place
With joyful and ineffable grace

Luminous wings and flashing hue
Remember that you are the Dancer too

Your dance of light creates all you see
Spinning, whirling, dancing and free

It has been a really powerful and intense journey through the Eclipse and Equinox gateways.  The shift has been immense and we are slowly having to acclimate to a new multi-dimensional reality.  As 9 Dimensional Galactic Humans, we are learning how to move gracefully between the dimensions of consciousness, or more importantly, to hold several different dimensions simultaneously like a musical chord.  This is what it means to be a Master of Light on Planet Earth.

The “Dance” of the Dragonfly seems to be such a good metaphor for the process of aligning with the new energies and dealing with the recalibrated flow of time in this new space. 

The Dragonfly moves from place to place very rapidly on its transparent wings, sometimes hovering for a while, sometimes folding its wings over its head in perfect rest and stillness.  Our movement through time has become a little like that too.  We move rapidly from place to place, event to event, or gateway to gateway.  Then we need to “hover” or rest to allow our bodies to assimilate and integrate the powerful energies of our rapid dance in the cosmic light.  In this dance or flight we are bathed in Light Code energy which is woven into new forms of creation and experience on different dimensional levels. 

Since February of 2014, our experience of time has changed dramatically as we open ourselves fully to the Fourth Dimension and learn how to be a Master of Time, or a skilled “Time Traveller”.  Time Travel 101 has left us all feeling a little disoriented as we get used to moving between “no time” at the “center” of our being in Divine Light, to the relative and changing sense of time in our multi-dimensional Time Spirals or Time Lines. 

This Time Phase redistribution is going to increase as we move towards the Grand Gateway of 2015, the Lion’s Gate Portal at the 8/8/8 (8th August 2015).  What will help us to stay grounded, centered and in touch with ourselves is an understanding of what is happening, and the ability to use the “tools” of the Star Shaman to dance between the dimensions like a Dragonfly.

Dancing in the Light

Dancing in the Light

Day and Night

Flowing with Time

Into the Galaxy

Up to the Stars

Flowing with Time

Dancing in the Light

Day and Night

Dragonfly dreams

Dragonfly flight

Dancing in the Light

Day and Night

Understanding why so much of life is changing so rapidly gives us an edge on coping with these dramatic shifts and changes.

In December of 2011, the Planet shifted into the 5th Dimension, and by 2012 was firmly anchored in 5D.  The Third Dimension continued to exist, but the society and civilization based on duality and conflict was in the process of disintegrating so that Humanity could raise in consciousness and become a Fifth Dimensional civilization and align its frequency or resonance with that of the ascending Earth, or New Earth as it is known. 

So it is that many of us are now living between the third and fifth dimensional versions of reality.  Often our sense of alienation, anxiety and disconnection is a result of the see-saw between dimensions and timelines as we learn to understand what is happening to us. 

The Bright side of this is the opening up of the sixth dimension with its wonderful access to magical creativity.  As your consciousness rises, you will find yourself wanting to spend more time in this magical realm of archetypes and inspiration. 

But, even as we celebrate our arrival into the fifth-dimensional web of interconnection and the sixth dimensional fields of magical co-creation, we are learning to master the fourth dimension, which is the realm of Time and Time/Space.  That is why our sense of time may be so disrupted, and we may find ourselves anxious and forgetful, or missing chunks of time.  No, you are not going crazy, you are just experiencing a Time/Space anomaly as you cruise through, and experiment with, the flow of time in your work to become a Master of Time on Earth. 

So, with access all the way from the denser realms within the Earth, right up to the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun, we are certainly shifting and moving.  We are not what we used to be, and we have not yet fully arrived where we are going.  We are in process.  It may be confusing and erratic, but at least we can relax knowing that Soul, Spirit and Higher Self are navigating this phase of our journey on Earth with us.

Accessing Multi-Dimensional Flow

We begin in the Heart

Our dreams take flight

Moving through Spirals

Of Time and Light

Beauty is born

In works of Art

Reflecting the Beauty

Of a Compassionate Heart

At this time of intense shift and change, many of us do feel lost and anxious at times.  As the old falls away, many of the things that we relied on for a sense of security and happiness are no longer valid or hold truth for us.  Rather than becoming cynical and angry, we should look at how we have changed and how we can fully access the magical flows of energy and participate in the “Dragonfly Dance”. 

What we have learnt from our work with the Ascension energies is that having an open and balanced heart center is the anchor and balance point in the New Reality.  A Balanced Heart Center means that we work with the four components of the “Sacred Heart”, the Divine Union of the Masculine and Feminine energies, and the Sacred Union of Heaven and Earth within us.  This connects us to All That Is and enables us to feel and share the sacred power of life in our Galaxy and on our Earth. 

Once we have achieved the initiation of the Sacred Heart, we are able to move to the flow of Magic and the Dance of the Dragonfly.  This requires us to activate and enter the sixth and the fourth Dimensions of Consciousness.  The Sixth Dimension is the Realm of Magic, Art, Creativity and Playfulness.  It is here that we walk in the Dream World and bring back Visions and Magical Dreams to manifest into our Reality. 

The key to the sixth dimension is Art and Creativity and the Imagination.  Many of those who achieve the Sacred Heart Balance suddenly find themselves drawn  into expressions of creativity that can include art, dance, music and poetry.  This is the way we access the Cosmic Dream or Cosmic Dance, by literally learning to dance and sing and play with the tools of creativity.  The flow of inspiration, dreams and ideas that we activate in these activities helps to lift us up into the Magical Dimensions of Archetypes and Dream Visions that underpin material reality. 

At the same time, we activate our access to the Fourth Dimensions of Time.  A Master of Time creates on a Spiral or Time Line, and masters the perfect manifestation of their dream on a Spiral of Light.  As you advance in skill as a Time Traveller or Creator, you learn also how to co-create Dreams and Spirals as part of a Group, or a larger Community. 

This is one of the reasons why so many of us have been feeling the stress of the time lapses, time line shifts and time jumps.  We are still learning how to “override” the mind ,which has learnt to provide the comforting illusion of “continuity”. We are now seeing the reality of different Time Lines and how “discontinuous” time is when we shift between time lines and time spirals.  As we learn to accept “discontinuity” and new beginnings, we become more at ease with the beginnings and endings of Time Spirals and their stories in our creative journey on Earth. 

The Tools of the Galactic Shaman

I walk the Sacred Circle

Honor the Four Directions

Do Ceremony

On Earth


The Star Shaman

Rider of Galactic Spirals

Master of the Waves of Light

I walk the Earth

All is Sacred

Within the Circle of Life

How do we best access the potential of our fully activated Light Body and ground this in a meaningful way for the New Earth?  I have found that following the path of the Star Shaman provides a powerful set of tools that can be used to ground yourself and work as a creative agent in the New Earth. 

The New Shamanism centers in the Heart and then makes use of the Fifth-dimensional power of connection and inter-connection of all things to access the essence of Nature and the Earth.  It also accesses the Sixth Dimension very powerfully, through acts of creativity, and in ceremony, through song, dance, drumming, sound journeys and other forms of sacred expression. 

From this foundation, it is also possible to journey into the Solar System, into the Galaxy and beyond to other Cosmic systems of Light on the Cosmic Web of Consciousness. 

As the Earth ascends, she is entering into a phase of Joy and Harmony.  If we wish to align with the rising Earth, we also need to be in that frequency of Joy and Harmony in a grounded way.  Working with the tools of New Shamanism is a perfect way to access the Dance of the Dragonfly and the Frequencies of the New Earth. 

The Dance of the Dragonfly Activation

To prepare for this activation, find a quiet place to sit or lie.  Begin to breathe deeply focusing into your Heart Center – breathing in and breathing out. 

Now focus energy from your heart through your feet and into the Earth, connecting with the crystalline Heart of the Earth.  Breathe deeply.  Bring the energy back to the Heart.  Breathe Deeply.  Now take the energy up through the Crown of your head and up the Cosmic Heart of God, connecting with the pulsations of Light and Love. Breathe deeply.  Now bring the energy back to the heart and blend together Heaven and Earth, breathing deeply again. 

Now, seeing yourself as the center, project a circle of light around you and honor the four directions : East, South, West and North, and the Four Elements, Air, Water, Fire and Earth.  Now call in your Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, or any Angelic Guides that you wish to work with you. 

Now call in the Spirit of Dragonfly. 

Soon, you will feel a light and magical energy, and you will become aware of luminous wings of light hovering around you.  Enjoy the feelings and sensations. 

Then, you will become aware of the dance of light and changing hues and tones as Dragonfly dances.  You may also hear sounds that remind you of the songs of angels. 

Become aware that Dragonfly is asking you to dance and to dream in the Higher Levels of Consciousness! 

You may feel the urge to get up and dance with Dragonfly, or you may simply just allow your imagination to dance in the Light!

As you dance, you are moving through Fields of Light and spinning your dreams, desires and visions into manifestation.  Focus on anything that you wish to manifest in your life and dance the feelings and the gratitude into manifestation with Joy!  Dance also the Joy and the Peace and the Harmony into manifestation on Earth! 

Now Dragonfly alights, and it is time to fold your luminous wings of light and rest. 

Breathe deeply and rest. 

It is done! 

Now, thank Dragonfly and return to your Heart Center.  Breathe deeply, and close the Sacred Circle, giving thanks and gratitude to all who worked with you, to the Elements and the Four Directions. 

Focus into your Heart.  Breathe deeply.  Ground yourself once again and return to waking reality when you feel ready.

Know that your Dance and Dream will manifest at the right time and for the highest good of all.