The Lion’s Gate Diary

Posted by Celia Fenn on 23 July 2017

Welcome to the Lion’s Gate Diary.  From the 23rd of July to the 21st August, we will track the energies and share interesting information!

August 21st : Total Eclipse in Leo with Regulus in Virgo

The climax to a very powerful period on inner change and alignment.

Please join me here to listen to the Internet Radio broadcast that I did with Claudia Pureco on the Eclipse to explain the nature of the energies and the shift.  The transmission includes an Activation with Archangel Michael and the Royal Lions of Sirius.

8th August : The Lion’s Gate Portal 8/8

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Today is the 8/8.
The 8/8 Portal is a fourth dimensional Time Gate.
Today we stand within the Gateway, flanked by the Royal Sirian Lion’s of yesterday and tomorrow.
It is the moment when our Infinite Self unites with our Temporal Self in the beginning of a new creative cycle of Time.
Have a wonderful day.
For me it has been a day of deep peace, quiet and self nurturing.
Everything is flowing as I hold my center in power and grace!

7th August : Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse in Leo(Sun) and Aquarius (Moon)

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Today is Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius (Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius) and a Partial Lunar Eclipse.
These are powerful energies, the day before the Lion’s Gate 8/8.
Many people are feeling the intensity of the accelerating energies.

An Eclipse always allows for old energies to be released to make way for the new.Today is a good day to consider what needs to be released as part of the “old”, and what you wish to “birth” as part of the new.

Now is also a good time for “house cleaning” both in the inner sense and literally. Remove the clutter so you can breathe and flow with new energy.

Step into your “Lion Heart” and embrace your Personal Power to create your own life and Reality!

 4th August : Coming up for the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Lion’s Gate

In the past few days the energy has been building in intensity as we head into a series of cosmic shifts that will have a great effect on our lives and on the Planet.

The energy of the Full Moon always creates powerful magnetic surges that can affect sensitive empathic beings.  Those who are sensitive will have felt these waves and shifts as the Moon waxes towards Full Moon in Aquarius with Sun in Leo.  You may have felt the Time Gate accelerations as well, resulting in physical symptoms such as exhaustion, anxiety, sleeping badly, intense and chaotic dreams, and generally feeling unwell and out balance. These energy wave are being felt on a very deep cellular level, and so the body is feeling the strain of keeping its balance amid the turmoil.  We can assist the process at this time by being focussed on balance, inner harmony and peace.

Because so many people are feeling out of balance and stressed right now, they are looking for ways to justify how they are feeling.  Often this takes the form of aggression an seeking out dramas and conflicts.  So, as we focus on inner peace, it is also good to be aware of not allowing yourself to be “hooked” into conflict and drama that will drain your energy and create even deeper imbalances in your field and energy signature.  This is the time to keep your energy signature at a high frequency and in a clear vibration.

The Full Moon in Aquarius also asks us to focus on Community and how we exist in Community.  It is a time when everything that is no longer working will be illuminated, and we will be asked to release and let go of these worn out patterns.  For many it will cause fear and anxiety as things seem to fall apart in very obvious ways.  But, for those who are awakened, they will see that the New Earth is being birthed into manifestation at the same time.  As the old falls away the new is rising!

The partial Eclipse on Monday will emphasize this release of old patterns that are held deep within the Collective, and their replacement with new Light and Time Codes.  So, as the power builds we can expect even more tension that will require a deeper focus on inner peace and balance.

The Lion’s Gate Portal on Tuesday will be the climatic moment of these energy waves, when we will stand within the Lion’s Portal and experience our Infinite Self as it connects with out Temporal Self and commences a new cycle of experience and growth.  It is a moment like a burst of fire and light from the Galactic Diamond that is the Great Central Sun.  We experience ourselves within Sacred Time and Space as Light Weavers and Creators of our own Destiny both within our lives and, collectively, within our Planetary and Galactic Reality.

26th July : Galactic and Planetary New Year and the Opening of the Lion”s Gate Portal HunabKu

Today is the day when the Light Codes emanating from Hunab Ku, or the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy, initiate a New Cycle of Time.  These new Light Codes also initiate the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal which allows the new Diamond Codes to enter into the Earth Grids and into our Light Bodies.

The incoming energies will continue to accelerate until they reach a climax on the 8th of August at the 8/8.

This is the day to celebrate new beginnings as we commence a new Time Cycle.  It is the time to focus on what you wish to achieve and create in the next year.  Take time to be with your self and listen to your soul as you feel into what you will create together.  

How will you deepen your mission on Earth and your service to the Light?  Keep your focus on these feelings and dreams as you journey towards the eclipse on the 7th and the Portal on the 8th.

25th July : The Day out of Time. Today is the day to celebrate the “Day out of Time”, and to honor Jose Arguelles who helped us to remember the Sacred Mayan Calendar.

Jose Arguelles

The Day out of time is that moment when the old cycle has completed and the new is yet to begin.

It is a time within the “void” and the emptiness, but filled with possibility and potential.  It is like being in the womb, between death and infinity and the process of rebirth.  It is a magical and joyous time in which to celebrate the ongoing spirals of life and creation.

It is also a good time to consider what might be left behind and released as you move forward into the new cycle of time.  Remember that in the Fourth Dimension Time is experienced as a fluid quantum wave, and this is the moment when you prepare yourself to catch the incoming wave that lifts you through the Lion’s Gate and into a higher level of conscious experience.  As Jose Arguelles would have said, now is the time to prepare to surf the “Zuvaya “or quantum Light wave from the “Hunab Ku” or Galactic Center , that will create another cycle of experience for us in 2017/2018..

23rd July : New Moon in Leo. Today the sun moves into Leo and we also have the New Moon in Leo.  This is a time to go within and to start the process of letting go of the old and sowing the seeds of the new cycle of Manifestation and Creation.  Use this deep and quiet time to really consider what you wish to create in this next cycle of Time Flow.  You are the creator of your own reality, and in the 4th Dimension you are also a Master of Time.  Use your ability to focus intention for the incoming cycle.  You can call on the Royal Lion’s of Sirius to guide you to the Portal and assist you to move across into a higher level of conscious creation on your new Time Line/Spiral.

You may find the energies quite difficult right now as the frequencies accelerate on the Timeline.  Many people may be feeling tired as they adjust to the new frequencies.  Also, you may feel headaches, nausea and dizziness.  All  the symptoms that indicate Time/Space upgrade.  In this time it is really important to take it SLOW!  The higher the frequency, the slower you need to go!  It is one of those spiritual paradoxes.  Rest, relax, don’t rush anything!  There is plenty of time.  Eat good food, sleep as much as you need to and drink lots of water.  Stretching exercises and yoga are also good, as is walking in nature and enjoying the sunshine.  Be at Peace with yourself and your world!

21st July : Online radio broadcast by Celia Fenn on Charlotte View in Blogtalk radio. In this broadcast Celia Fenn talks about the period from 23rd July to 21st August and helps to prepare you for the Journey.

Please click here to hear the replay.