The Path of the Lion Heart : A Sacred Adventure in Africa: Blog Journal

Posted by Celia Fenn on 5 January 2018

Welcome to my first adventure in 2018….the Sacred path of the Lion Heart and the Activation of the Lion Codes in Africa.

I am going to spend 10 days in Lion territory, and I will be visiting Hwange National Park, the home of Cecil the Lion who became famous when he was shot and killed by an American Hunter in 2016.  The picture above is of Cecil and his brother Jericho.  

There are many purposes for my journey.  The first is because I have been called by Spirit to do this, and I will be connecting with the ancestral energies of the land in my journey to Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.  The Lion’s are calling me and I will be connecting with them too.  The second is just pure adventure and fun.  The third is Creativity and an opportunity to paint and photograph in the African bush.  And finally, it will also be to see whether it will be possible to bring a group of people to Africa in August 2018 for the Lion’s Gate on a personal Spiritual adventure in the 2018 New Earth energies with the Lion Codes and the Path of the Lion Heart.

Please journey with me as I will be posting here when I am able.  There will not always be internet connection, but where it is available I will keep you informed of our journey.

My fellow traveller, Lynette, is also a South African who now lives in Zambia, and we will be travellng together from Livingstone in Zambia to Chobe in Bostwana, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and then on to Hwange and Matopos, before I return home from Bulawayo in South Eastern Zimbabwe.

So…the destination is only part of the adventure…it is the journey itself that is important!  And yes, we will be driving South in one of these.  The Journey begins on Monday the 8th of January!

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January 7th : Ready to Go…and Some information on Light Codes : So the packing is almost done and I am ready to head out tomorrow at 5AM for my early flight to Johannesburg and then on to Livingstone in Zambia.

Someone who had read the first entry, wrote to me last night and asked me what exactly was a “Light Code”?

Good question.  We all speak of Light Codes and I guess we all pretty much know what we mean.  But having to define this might be more difficult.  The person who wrote me suggested that a Light Codes were “strings of algebra or individual symbols which are made of light.”  I thought that was a really good definition.

I would say that a Light Codes is information from Higher Levels of Consciousness that is transmitted to the Galaxy, and to us, as Light Language and “strings” of mathematical equations and sacred geometries contained with that light.  These Light Codes are transmitted from different levels and sources, but are in alignment with the Divine Will and Higher Evolution.

In the case of the “Lion Codes”, this information would be coming specifically from the Higher Consciousness and Stellar Beings associated with Sirius and Alpha Leonis.  On my journey, I am intending to align with these streams of information and to be a receiver and a transmitter of these Sacred Codes.  Being in the presence of actual Lions in the African bush will be a means of amplifying these Light Codes and sensing them more clearly.

I suppose it is true that everything is Light and Energy, and a continuous stream of mathematical information contained within Light.

When we are awake and aware we are conscious of choosing which information streams we wish to receive and transmit.  The essence of “asleep” is being subject to transmissions that are manipulated and controlled by those with agendas that are based on power and greed.  The esssence of “awake” is to align with those transmissions that contain Higher Consciousness and transmit the energy that we call “New Earth” and promote Love, Compassion and Creativity.

So, for me. aligning with the Lion Codes will be an adventure in Higher Consciousness, as well as a deeper connection with Africa and with the Planet herself. I honor the Lions of Africa and their Cosmic and Stellar Star Elders who are the Great Teachers of Sirius and Alpha Leonis….the Lion Heart.

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