Time Travel 102: Navigating Timelines

Posted by Celia Fenn on 25 May 2014

Life on Timeship Earth has been remarkably tense and intense the last few week. Surprisingly, the Solar activity has been relatively low, so it is safe to say that this intensity is coming from another source. This source is our new relationship with Time and our work as “crew” on Timeship Earth. In the last few weeks Time has become a major source of conflict as the Earth Collective Consciousness decides whether it will be “reverse engineered” back in time through Timeline manipulation, or whether we will move forward and into a Higher Spiral of Conscious Evolution that aligns us with the Divine Plan and the Divine Creative intelligence.

As we have ascended into Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness, it has become important that we also understand the Fourth Dimension of Time and the way in which we manifest and create on the New Earth Grids. Those who are masters of this skill are known as Timeline Engineers. These ones are aware that time is not linear and unidirectional. They know that time is fluid and that it moves in many directions, including forwards and backwards. A person who understand the Quantum nature of Reality, can then manipulate Time and Creation to serve their own purposes if they so desire. A Conscious Creator who serves the Light will work with the flow of Divine Intelligence and the upwards flows of Consciousness and Manifestation. This is an easy process that brings Joy and Lightness, as you simply find the Flow of Divine Light, or Diamond Light, and allow yourself to be a part of that flow.

But, at this point in our current reality, there are many who are seeking to work against the Divine Flow and for their own interests, and they are using their skill to attempt to hold Timeship Earth from moving forward, and in fact are seeking to reverse engineer time backwards so that the Future in fact becomes the Past, and we are held in an orbit where we simply have to keep reliving the past over and over again. This does not require a Time Machine, we are already in a Time Machine. All it requires is control over consciousness and the ability to spin a Timeline or narrative in the mass consciousness.

You may have noticed in the mass media recently, many references to the re-emergence of the “Cold War” between Russia and the USA and Europe, as the media tries to direct our consciousness back to the 1970s and to urge us to pick up natratives and emotions that were part of the past. Then there is also the “re-emergence” of “fascism” as we are directed back to World War 2 and the feelings and emotions of that period, often without any real historical understanding, just simply rhetoric and emotions. This is how reverse engineering is achieved. An “unfinished” Timeline can be reactivated with new emotions and feelings, and the Collective Consciousness can be redirected away from a forward and upward flow of time, and into a backwards and circular flow of time.

This kind of reverse engineering of Time serves the purposes of those who do not want to move forward, and who see no real future for themselves and their way of life in a world that is not dominated by fear, conflict and lack. So they redirect attention backwards in time to places where such fear and conflict and lack were most apparent. So, in affect, the media is guiding us back into the fear and anxiety and conflict of the past, even though it is mostly illusion.

This results in the rise of intense inner anxiety and stress in the Collective, in those who are unaware that they are in fact being manipulated. Those who are un-awakened imagine that Time is linear and have no real perception of how Timelines or Time Spirals can be manipulated to create control over mass consciousness and direct events where the “Engineers” want them to be directed.

So, at this time, many people are also dealing with feelings that are rising up that relate to the past and fears that belong to the past. This also has the effect of bringing up emotions and feelings from the personal past history again, as Timeline reverse engineering also has the effect of redirecting your personal life back into the past, so that you will reconnect with past fears and anxieties and traumas relating to fear and lack.

So, you may be feeling as if you are going around in circles, because maybe you have!

Timeline Fractures and the Physical, Emotional and Mental Effects

I have recently been working with Archangel Michael on the information of how Time is an important part of Creation and of being a Conscious Creator. More recently, the Sirian Masters have made themselves known, with the request that I assist people to understand more clearly the relationshp between Time and Creation on the Earth. They urge us to understand that at the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness, Time is an integral part of anything that we create. We can no longer afford to be naive in this respect, but must be aware of how our consciousness and our creativity can be directed by others if we allow ourselves to become part of a reverse engineered narrative that will prevent us from moving forward and will direct us backwards into the past and the recreation of past experiences.

At the moment, we are in a situation where our the Timeline is in the process of being fractured and splintered. Many of us are still focussed on the ascending spiral of evolution and creation, while others are now beginning to focus backwards towards the manipulated timeline. This means that in terms of time creation, there is confusion and stress and tension as the two narratives, forwards and backwards, pull against each other.

In the Quantum Reality this appears as two spirals of light energy that are “competing” for the same space. Imagine the turbulence and chaos as these two spirals clash and crash together. It creates turmoil and chaos on all levels. But these spirals also involve the Elemental energies, for we do not create alone on the Earth, the Elementals are also part of the process.

So, we have entered a period of turmoil where even the Elemental energies are being caught up in this chaotic clash of Timespirals as we decide whether to move forward and upwards or backwards and round and around. It is for this reason that we are seeing so much chaos and imbalance in Nature as well as in our own lives at this time.

The most evident effect on our physical body of Timeline fracture is exhaustion, as you are pulled between the two “directions” of time creation. This drains energy and also creates anxiety and depression. You may experience sleeping difficulties, as your body may feel tense and stressed. You may, of course, feel blocked and as if you are not able to move forward, for in effect that is what is happening. On the personal level, you may be dealing with old fears and anxieties that seem to be coming back again.

And of course, for those who are younger and do not remember the Cold War or World War 2 and its aftermath, there will be confusion because they will not really understand what is happening with the energies “out there”.

So, of course, becoming aware of what Timeline Engineering involves and what it feels like, is the first step in taking back your power and consciously creating according to the Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence.

Spiralling Upwards into the Light: Creating Forwards into the New Earth

The “natural” flow of time is upwards, with light and energy spiralling upwards towards the Divine LIght. The Light Codes that contain the impulses and information that will keep us online as Co-Creators with the Divine are constantly being impulsed from the Divine Cosmic Heart and via the Galactic Center to our Sun. These Light Cods are then impulsed to us and allow out Higher Consciousness to align our Body and Light Body with the constant upward Flow of Divine Light and Evolution.

This upward movement can be disrupted by a “downward” movement that takes us in the opposite direction and away from Divine Light and Evolution. And, in this case, we can be held at a certain level that means that we will just spiral around and around at the same level, moving neither forward nor backwards, but being held in a kind of suspension at the same point of time, just recreating it over and over again.

I am sure that this is not what any of us wants for our lives or our Earth. We want to keep flowing with the Divine Creative Intelligence and moving upwards towards the Light of Compassion and Divine Love. To do this we have to ensure that we keep aligned with and resonant with that Divine Flow. We have to keep our Intention and our Creation focussed on the New Earth and the Creation of the New Earth.

The New Earth is the expression of Divine Will for the Earth. It is a Creation of Light and Compassion where all Beings live together in Love and Harmony. It is a Creation where Humanity and Nature live together in Harmony and Love. It exists in the Future and is being created in the Present Moment by us as the Light Warrior and Light Worker Teams.

In order to Manifest that Future we haveto keep our Intention and our focus on this direction of creation. We also have to watch our thoughts and our emotions and our actions. We have to ensure that we are living in the present moment, and that we are not being reverse engineered into some past energy that can be manipulated into war and conflict.

Archangel Michael talks often about the “New Shamanism” or 21st Century Shamanism. This is where Light Workers become aware of the need for a closer connection with the Earth, with Nature and with the Elements. When you are manifesting and creating in harmony with Nature, you will not be pulled into and onto Timelines that are created and dominated by those who seek only to use and control nature for their own financial gain. The Elementals and the Nature Spirits are standing by and waiting to assist us to create a world of Abundance and Plenty right now. It is up to us to begin to listen and to work with them, wherever we are at this moment in time, and as we create Time in harmony with Divine Will.

When speaking with people and even with Lightworkers, the biggest problem seems to often be despair and apathy. ” How can I really make a difference?”. Well, we have to really begin initiating our own Time Spirals that manifest a closer relationship with nature and a deeper awareness of how our lives flourish and thrive when we include nature in the equation.

Archangel Michael urges you to meditate on this topic and begin to feel and see how you can make your own life a part of the upward spiral of Divine Light, no matter where you live. Remember that as a Conscious Creator you don’t have to be pulled into and entangled with the timeline that is created by the “Engineers” who want to keep you in the same space. You can move forward into a very different creation and begin to experience the New Earth. Remember that the Indigo and Crystal children, and the New Diamond Crystal Children, are Masters of Time Travel, and they are here to help us to break through the reverse engineering and realign with the Divine Flow of Light.

Here are some images of Transformation to help you see the New Earth unfolding…

The Diamond Codes: Light Information for the New Reality : Information and Activations with Archangel Michael

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