Turning the Corner… after the Big Shift of February 2014

Posted by Celia Fenn on 9 March 2014

It has truly been a dramatic month on Planet Earth, and it’s not over yet! When I was thinking about what to call this piece I considered calling it “Surfing the Tsunami”, because that is what it has felt like. Wave after wave of immense and powerful Solar Energy roiling in from the Sun, testing us to the limits and requiring us to demonstrate our skills in “riding the waves” of Solar and Galactic Energy. This has been an especially active and powerful time for our connection with the Solar Light. Not only was there a recent Solar Pole Reversal, but there have been a record number of Solar Flares in this period of Solar Maximum.   

These ongoing emissions of Light Energy carry the Solar Light Codes or “instructions” for the ongoing evolution and ascension of Planet Earth. They have been instrumental in the almost complete recalibration of Earth frequency, and the complete shift and change of Earth’s Timeline.

What we have been feeling so intensely on Earth has been a complete “90 degree turn” in Earth’s timeline and the effects of that change in direction. It is as if we were travelling down a road with a pleasant destination in mind, even in sight, and then suddenly the navigator said “turn left, turn left”, and so we did. But then, all of a sudden, we find that we are now facing in a diffent direction, and we seem to have little or no idea where we are going! Add to that suddenly a storm comes up and the vehicle is rocking and shaking in the gusts of wind. We would be a little anxious and upset, and exhausted. But only until the storm clears and we see that our new destination is even better than we thought!

That is pretty much what happened. Our Higher Guidance, our Collective Higher Selves as the Council of Elders and the Earth Keeper Council, decided that the current Timeline Trajectory or Spiral was still taking us towards the “New World Order” type of Probable Future. This was not the most desirable future for the continued Evolution and Ascension of the Planet into Global Harmony and Unity with All Beings and with Nature, and so the change of course was mandated on the Higher Level, all the way to the Galactic Council. The New Course was laid in with the assistance of the Solar Council and the explosions of Light and Power from Solaris.

Of course, this will manifest as change on Earth. On the personal and physical level, many would have experieneced intense “ascension symptoms” related to changes of frequency and major life changes. After all, your life was facing in one direction and suddenly it changed! You may have had a clear vision of where you were going and then suddenly it all seemed to melt away and you had no idea where you were supposed to go, or why! You may suddenly have felt angry and irritated and even a little disappointed, after all the hard work that had been done to get to this point.

But, the Higher Councils of Light would not have mandated such a huge course correction if it had not been absolutely necessary and for the Highest Good.

The Earth is now on the correct Timeline/Time Spiral for the unfoldment of a Peaceful and Abundant future. It may not seem like it, given the fear and anxiety that has been aroused by the economic situation and the events unfolding in Ukraine. But these events are the motivations that will allow Earth society to break throught to another level of interaction and socialization.

It is becoming abundantly clear to everyone that the “Grand Illusion” and manipulation of the current system is about to crash for good. The frequency of the Fifth Dimension no longer allows for manipulation and hypocrisy. It is also becoming clear that the Earth is breaking away from control by Elite Groups and allowing for the expression of the true democratic will of the people. This may take time, but it is on the way! Everywhere on the Earth, democracy is breaking out in some form or another.

According to the Higher Councils of Light, this energy will eventually lead to the formation of another kind of Society based in the Fifth Dimension. After the protests and the resistance will come the formation of new social units where people will simply take back their power from the economic and corporate structures and begin to get on with their lives in another way and at another frequency. This will include being responsible for their own lives, for their community and for the Earth itself. There will be a great reconnection with the Earth and with Nature, and people will remember the “Original Blueprint” amd how to live in alignment with Nature. That is why the huge 90 degree shift was needed. We are now facing in the “right direction” to manifest this kind of future.

So, what does that mean individually. Well, for some, if you were already on this kind of track, maybe nothing much will change and you will be able to continue with maybe minor adjustments. For others of the awakened Light Family, it may mean a complete and total rethink of your life and work. You are heading to a new destination, and your Soul Purpose may just have been recalibrated to align with this New Purpose. You may be metaphorically driving through the storm without a very clear picture of where you are headed. But know that if you stay calm, grounded, and focussed in your heart, then the rest will become clear and you will begin to see the Wonder and Beauty of the New Destination.

It requires Trust, Acceptance and Patience. All is Well!

For those who are unawakened, they will continue to play out the Atlantis Trauma Stress energies, with fears of catastrophes, dark plots and apocalypse just around the corner. This will give rise to huge levels of fear and anxiety and stress, which you as Light Family will need to assist in dissolving. You cannot dissolve an energy if you get caught up in it. The real need is to be calm and centered in your Heart and able to be a Beacon of Light. As Archangel Michael teaches, we need to have the Diamond Light in our Hearts and we need to radiate that Powerful Light of Love and Compassion to all around us so that they can feel the reassurance that comes from the Higher Dimensions, The Councils of Light and the Angelic Dimensions.

Yes, we are on the right track. We are headed for an enormous outbreak of Peace, Love and Co-operation. It may not look like it now, but when the dust settles after this huge event, we will be in a different Planet. It will not be a Planet dominated by any one Nation or Elite Group, but a Planet where peoples and nations begin to work together on a “level playing field” to solve the problems that the Earth faces. The “real” problems of Pollution and Destruction of Habitat, of access to Food Resources and Water Resources, and the loss of Biodiversity and Species. The problems of how we return to a way of living that nurtures all life on the Earth and the right to Life of every living Being on Earth.

These problems are not insurmountable. They were created by us and we can find the solutions. We have the Indigo and Crystal Children here to help us, and we have the Earth Keepers and the Elders and the Family of Light. We have the support of the Councils of Light and the Angelics and the Star Nations. There is nothing that we cannot achieve if we put our minds to it.

We are on the Right Track!